Business center

Office space organization in Trinity Place aesthetically reconciled and highly functional and practical.

Gross buildable area
34,400 sqm
Gross buildable area (below ground)
6,000 sqm
Gross buildable area (above ground)
28,800 sqm
Usable area
27,000 sqm
Underground parking (one level)
94 parking spaces
Surface parking located on surrounding area
201 parking spaces
  • A café and a canteen for the employees of the complex will have 180 and 288 spaces respectively and will be operated by an independent professional caterer
  • Double height entrance lobby
  • 9 levels above ground
  • Open plan floor layouts with a central core
  • Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Average typical usable floor area
3,600 sqm
  • Typical Finished Floor to Ceiling Height
2.8 m
  • Structural bays
8.1 m by 9.6 m
  • Clear span from core
14 – 15.5 m
  • KONE elevators (Finland) manufactured in accordance with an individual design by PLP architectural firm;
  • 5 high speed passenger elevators with destination control serving all office levels and the basement, out of which 2 elevators reach underground parking levels;
  • 1 dedicated goods elevator.
Engineering Systems:
  • Air conditioning and ventilation provided by chilling and ventilation equipment by Carrier (USA), Systemair (Sweden);
  • Independent gas heating station;
  • State-of-the-art centralized Building Management System;
  • Electricity: I category with 70 W/sqm and 2 separate independent energy sources;
  • Possibility to select telecom provider;
  • Possibility to select fit-out package;
  • Integrated 24-hour centrally monitored security system;
  • Access to car parking controlled by card reader at entrance and exit;
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring system;
  • Internal fire safety systems.