Business center

The project’s design is led by a group of foreign architects and consultants. Trinity Place is a landmark development in the heart of St. Petersburg, setting new standards in prime office development in the city. Business centre will be certified in accordance with BREEAM green standards.

The business centere will establish a working environment comparable to the best urban developments in the bustling metropolitan centers of Europe.

The proposed design establishes a new standard for modern offices in St. Petersburg. The project’s investor and developer have employed some of the best international talent available to ensure that the project’s design solutions reflect the latest achievements the 21st century has to offer.

A typical façade unit consists of a full height extruded aluminum mullion and transom system fixed to a concrete slab at each floor. The facades have two different treatments: wooden inserts in double glass units with high thermal and solar control characteristics for the street facades, metal mesh in glass units for the plaza façade and upper levels.

The proposed double glass façade with a wooden infill is inspired by local wooden buildings and naval architecture. The seemingly random pattern of wooden panels allows for a highly transparent appearance near the water’s edge and a denser distribution toward the back of the building. This configuration creates a glazed appearance at the front prow, accentuating river views and providing natural light to the riverfront offices, while creating a more textured and tactile atmosphere for those towards the southern portion of the building.